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So I kno a lot of useless knowledge. And with this sub-blog I want to know even more useless knowledge. I'll try to add humor and not sound like a boring radio station.
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Wait, what?

Many children who qualify for free or reduced-cost lunch choose to go hungry rather than face being identified as poor.

Oh my….this is terrible. When I was little I never thought of it that way. I thought it was a blessing when growing up.

More than 40 MILLION working Americans do not get paid sick leave.

So most of them go to work even when they shouldn’t

I know I do. I went to work with a fever. Thank goodness for Motrin.

For you and millions of other Americans, public library Internet access is a critical resource

Over 44% of people living below the poverty line visit the public library to get online.

Everyone needs to apply online for jobs and get on Facebook to network.

Many low-income workers would keep quiet than push for better working conditions

Because they don’t want to risk their jobs.

Union is not bad people. Seriously. The only disadvantage of a Union is when they keep a worker that doesn’t do their work. Other than that, think of the future.

Lack of affordable housing is the number one cause of homelessness.

The definition of “affordable” housing is 30% of income, but you and over 12 million other American households spend way more on housing.

Over 14 MILLION Americans are unemployed

Wow I feel bad for having three jobs and volunteer work from someone who needs it….so difficult though =(

Bank fees and overdraft charges overwhelmingly impact low-income groups

Which is why many skip the bank altogether in favor of check-cashing services.

OOOOHHHH thats why we have moneygram.

One of the main reasons people start smoking as adults is stress. There is a misconception that smoking relieves stress…

…so some people pick up the habit during difficult periods or life transitions.

The lottery pool with your friends, is the closest thing you’ve got to an investment option.

Hmmmm….should do this with my co-workers. I mean we do sell lotto there.

Home improvement is cheaper when you do it yourself, but not free. Supplies still put you out usually

But its usually better than paying someone else to do it for you.
Jack of all trades. That’s why my tiling job will come in handy one day for my future home =D 

Even when health insurance is offered, many low-income workers often opt out

…because they can’t afford the high premiums.